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Friends of Bezalel


The goal of the “Friends of Bezalel” Association is to support the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Based in New York City, Friends of Bezalel’s primary mission is to support the Academy through fundraisers, events, and social media.

Friends of Bezalel’s annual Gala is the main fundraising event for Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Each year about 500 supporters from the New York social and art worlds attend this luxurious event.


Gala 2021 – For the 6th year in a row, we have designed the look and feel for the annual fundraiser of Friends of Bezalel in NY.
This year we had to take an unconventional approach, since there was no annual live event. only an online campaign.
For the campaign we took all the major fun highlights from the previous gala and made them part of the celebration, designing a special website for the campaign. We also designed tote bags, wrapping paper, mailers, and more, using creative works dreamed up by 2020 Bezalel graduates.


Gala 2020 – This year Friends of Bezalel in NY celebrated their annual Gala in a unique and special way. Through a week-long event that took place all around the city, from Times Square to Downtown, we showed the connection between art and nature. The gala itself honored the video program at the Screen-Based Art Department and in collaboration with them, we created an evening that reflected the bond between art and nature. We designed all the look and feel for the gala night, including the invitations, special wrapping paper, slides for the main program, printed program and more. In addition, we designed the catalogs and logos for the following two exhibits that took place that week.
Photography: Chami Lerner

Gala 2019 – Friends of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design dedicated their 2019 gala in NYC to the students of the academy.
They celebrated together with the talented students, while we designed all the look and feel of the event including Invitations, envelopes, programs, photo backdrop (the official name is Step and Repeat), special wrapping paper for gifts awarded to the guests and the gift bag.

Gala 2018 – a Night of Comics and Illustration – in 2018 Friends of Bezalel celebrated their yearly gala at the Morgan Library.
The event honored the program of Comics and Illustration. We designed all materials for the event including invitations, envelopes, programs, photo backdrop (the official name is Step and Repeat), special wrapping paper for guests’ gifts and the gift bag.

Gala 2016 – the event honored the Relevant Design for Disaster program, and we had the privilege to design the event.
We started with the theme and all the way to the invitations, RSVP cards, gala program booklet, table cards, set design and a very unique and special gift box.