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Get to know us


Efrat Lerer
Co-founder, Project Management
and Costumer Care.
Graduated in 2004 from the Communication Department of the Open University of Israel.

Shany Ginzburg
Co-founder, Creative & Design.
Graduated in 1996 from the Visual Communications Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Taly Kav
Graphic design.
Graduated in 2004 from the Illustration and Visual Communications Department
of the Shenkar College of Engineering
and Design.

Our target is different. Each of us focuses on the areas in which she excels.


The combination of creativity, practical work and over 15 years of experience in the field of branding produces a unique blend
that allows us to offer our clients top quality design work, together with five-star service standards.

To say that our clients become our partners would sound a cliché, but the truth is we welcome our clients not just with open arms but with open hearts.


We walk our partners through every stage: from identifying their needs all the way to brand implementation, staying by their sides all along, offering fast response time, commitment to deadlines, personal service and excellent results.

We believe that creativity and innovation are vital to our studio but great service and a smile are no less important.

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